Redbook Fashion Photo Shoot at the Woolverton

Hi everyone. You probably know by now, Redbook did a fashion shoot here (and around New Hope) in August for the November issue. It was for a spread about the perfect winter coat (something I don’t have to worry about because I refuse to wear one). I told you in my last blog that they took a couple of photos of me but I didn’t make the cut. I now know how Kevin Costner must have felt when his scenes were cut from “The Big Chill”. Oh, well. The good news is that Lois and Rita (sheep) made the cut and they’re looking pretty good! Check out the Table of Contents and Page 178 and 180. The rest of the photos were taken along the tow path (they used some stupid dog in one of the shots that they found walking along the path because I guess he knew how to walk on a leash better than me) and at the train station. You can also check it out on line.