New Hope Area Weeds Create Gourmet Cuisine!

We’re so excited! Our very own Tama Matsuoka Wong who was the driving force behind developing the natural meadow behind the sheep pasture of our New Hope PA bed and breakfast has authored another book, Foraged Flavor.

I met Tama through our mutual friend, Charlie Fisher, who is a personal trainer and local farmer and owns beautiful farmland throughout Delaware Township. Charlie hooked us up and Tama worked with us to transform our overgrown field into a natural meadow producing only plants native to New Jersey. Tama, also authored Meadow on the Menu, sponsored by the New Jersey Audubon Society.

Tama has expanded her curiosity for nature and wild plants (which most of us common folk view as weeds) and has created a fascinating book, Foraged Flavor. She has taken what we view as a nuisance and has educated us to appreciate all of nature’s wonders.

Tama has developed an exciting relationship with renowned French chef Daniel Boulard of Daniel’s in NYC and his chef de cuisine, Eddy Leroux, to develop intriguing recipes using harvested wild plants from the area.

In Foraged Flavor, they identify their 71 favorite plants which are easily recognized and tons are found right here at the Woolverton Inn. You can purchase Tama’s book at Amazon, or we also have a limited supply of exclusive author-signed copies of the book at the Woolverton Inn.

The New Hope area surrounding Woolverton Inn also boasts of plentiful local farm stands and a number of farmer’s markets. Our New Hope area inn can create an itinerary for you to enjoy a scenic country drive to our favorite farm stands.

Below you can find information about some of the best local farmer’s markets:

Solebury Orchards

Stockton Farmer’s Market

Homestead Market

Sergeantsville Farmer’s Market

Dvoor Farmer’s Market