Find Your Place for Winter Wellness at Woolverton Inn

At Woolverton Inn we have a tradition of leaving journals for guests to record their thoughts, feedback and memories.  When reading these special messages (see below in quotes),  there is a very consistent theme… people feel better when they visit Woolverton Inn. They appreciate, experience and long for the unique combination of a quiet, slower pace, beautiful, natural surroundings, luxurious accommodations and exceptional hospitality that make for the perfect Winter Wellness stay.

” This place really has a powerful affect on the soul. Who needs chicken soup?  All you need is the Woolverton Inn.” 

As we quickly move into a new year, perhaps it’s time to deliberately focus on our own well-being.  It won’t just happen – we need to consciously take action.  Knowing that what we have to offer is so well-aligned to what people need,  we wanted to share some suggestions with you.

Here’s our guide to finding Winter Wellness for your mind, body and soul:

Heal your tired body and mind  – enjoy a long soak in a whirlpool or standing tub. Catch up on your rest, sleep in late, and watch the sheep from your bedroom window.

Sleep late and eat well –  nourish yourself with a healthy delicious, freshly prepared breakfast  – by the fireplace in the privacy of your own room. 

Find a quiet place, avoid TV,  play board games, read a book and listen to your favorite tunes. Be pampered with therapy – book an in-room massage,  no driving required!

Let nature work her magic,  and  stimulate all your senses. Take a walk outside,  feel the wonder of winter,  and visit our sheep.

“Thank you for giving us what we need the most  –  Peace.” (quote from one of our many  guestbooks)

There is something to be said for getting the most out of life’s simple joys.  We’d love to help you  start the new year on a positive note by making your well being a key priority.  Carve out some time to get away, relax, restore, relate, rejuvenate, and reconnect. We sincerely look forward to meeting you or welcoming you back to our peaceful getaway in New Jersey.   Book Your Winter Wellness Stay Now at the Woolverton Inn!